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Marquette has been on the cutting edge of talent systems and operating model design for over three decades. From HR Automation in the 1980s to HR Transformation/Outsourcing in the 1990s, to Employee Experience and Engagement in the 2000s, to Skills-based Talent Strategies and Future of Work transformation today. We have worked with some of the most forward-thinking global talent organizations to align their talent systems with tomorrow's business challenges.


Our Talent Services include:​

Skills-based Talent Value Chain

• Skills-based Talent Strategy Marquette has one of the most advanced Skills-based Talent Strategy practices around. Over the past five years, we’ve worked closely with some of the earliest innovators and adopters in space and developed one of the most comprehensive maturity models in the industry. Read our white papers on the Skills-based Talent for more information.

• Human-Centered Business Design Designing work around your people, what skills they have, how available they are, where they live, and what they do best. From determining new ways of working with AI, to redesigning clinical workflows to free up scarce doctors’ time by leveraging Advanced Practice Nurses and Medical Assistants, to designing jobs around people’s strengths.

• High Performing Virtual/Hybrid teams Marquette has been working with virtual teams for almost twenty years, and helping companies design empowered work teams that deliver disproportionate value for longer than that. Read our white paper on High Performing teams for more information.

• Career Management and Mobility Mapping skills to jobs and career development, designing career journey’s that reinforce business and leadership goals, while offering more mobility to improve the employee experience, designing performance management and organization metrics to track progress of organizational objectives, including inclusion and equity.

• Employee Experience and Purpose-driven Organizations How does your company incorporate meaning into its work? What is your employee value proposition? What is your organizational purpose? How does it incorporate ESG goals or foster a sense of belonging? Companies, and employees, with a strong sense of purpose outperform those that don’t.

• Leadership & Succession Planning How are you identifying future leaders? What are the qualities and experiences you want from a leader? How do you develop and nurture those qualities over time? What is your succession plan? How do you handle conflict and rivalry among leaders? Are you developing a leadership team? Marquette has deep experience developing leadership development programs for some of the most renown leadership academies in the country.

• Performance Management & Coaching Tying individual performance to team performance and ultimately organizational performance, all while developing individuals and keeping them engaged requires more than just an annual review rating. Marquette has worked with many organizations to help.

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