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Since Henry Ford, work has been organized and standardized so it can be replicated, measured, and centrally controlled. Work was designed for process efficiency first and people assigned steps in that process.


What we have been discovering is that people do not like behaving like machines … and we perform much better when we act like human beings.


So rather than designing a process and fitting people into it – we have been discovering it’s better to let people do what they naturally excel at, and design business around the people who conduct it.



We see this trend, toward putting human performance first, across industries and business functions. In short, it’s a belief that anything that can be done, can be done a little better. With a little more attention, insight, experience, and creativity — every role and function within an organization can raise its level of performance.

For 30 years. we’ve helped sales organizations close just a little more work, manufacturing processes make a tad fewer defects, finance divisions manage a bit less risk, and R&D functions achieve just a one more breakthrough. When we look at an organization, we see how each person involved could perform just a little better.


We see a world of possibility anytime we unleash the passion, insight, and creativity of our Talent. We know the future will be as different from today as the world before smart phones and the internet is to us now.


That’s why we’ve spent 30 years applying cutting edge research in human performance towards innovative and enduring solutions to practical problems. Far from ivory tower research, our insights are grounded in decades of hand-on experience working side-by-side with our clients.


Every business needs to increase productivity, stay ahead of digital transformation, delight customers, and engage the best talent to lead their organization. To do this, they need to look ahead for new solutions. The future will be influenced by technology but shaped by human-centered transformation among employees and markets alike. Even as our clients adopt transformative technologies such as Generative AI, cognitive computing, and robotic automation, they are discovering they must redesign jobs to focus on the human dimension of work and redesign talent around the employee experience. Even in our digital age, Human performance is still our main competitive advantage.


Marquette Human Capital provides thoughtful and enduring Human Capital solutions that deliver business performance. We provide a broad range of Talent, Organizational & Change Management services. Our focus is creating Human-Centered Business solutions, to unleash the untapped power of your Talent, by designing business solutions around the people who conduct it.


Marquette Human Capital

10 Marquette Place, 

Buffalo Grove, IL 60089

Tel: 847-269-3396

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