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We have years of experience partnering with Aerospace and Defense, and Industrial Products clients to improve operations on the shop floor and streamlined finance and inventory systems. We've helped automation and ERP implementation efforts for Consumer Products clients and conducted usability testing to improve product design for Consumer Electronics clients. Highlighted below are some of these experiences:

Aerospace & Defense

  • Jet Engine Manufacturer - Change Management, Performance Consulting and Training design supporting implementation of Lean/Six Sigma Operations program to improve product quality and reduce engine program break-even

Industrial Products

  • Industrial Products Conglomerate - Development of Hi-Potential Development program for future Finance Leaders

  • Sandpaper Manufacturer - Documentation of Job responsibilities and processes to coordinate Inventory and Finance systems reconciliation

Consumer Products

  • Food & Beverage MultinationalChange Management and Training design for ERP Implementation

  • Consumer Electronics - Usability testing and design for automobile navigation systems

  • Another Consumer Electronics - Usability testing and design for remote control for HDTV system

  • Consumer Cleaning and Personal Care - Change Management for Digital Transformation in Marketing Asset Management, New Product Development and Ecommerce Analytics

  • Consumer Storage - Change Management for M&A/ERP Implementation

  • Global Spirits Manufacturing/Distributing - Change Management for Global Sales and Operations Planning



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