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Put your talents to use in a career where your ingenuity is valued as much as your authenticity. Help inspire people and business with the power of their own potential.

We seek professionals who will attack complex problems from both an innovative and practical perspective, who can leverage empirical research methods, who can quickly assess situations, thread strategic, operational and social analytics together, propose and negotiate solutions, and move from insights through launch, bringing a human-centered lens to inventive, durable and thoughtful solutions that achieve desired business outcomes.

If you have a relentless drive to learn, an unconventional mind, a passion for the human condition, and an entrepreneurial spirit, that can thrive in dynamic, fast-paced, team environments, driving innovation and change throughout an organization - working with Marquette could be a challenging and rewarding next step in your career.

Unleash your talents and apply for a career at Marquette


We currently do not have any full-time positions available, but we continuously source contract roles for both ourselves and other local providers. If you are interested in contracting through Marquette, upload your Resume to:

If you operate a professional services firm and would like to join Marquette's network of professional service providers, reach out to:

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