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We are unapologetic believers in the untapped potential of human reason, ingenuity, and compassion. We see a world of possibility anytime we unleash the passion, insight, creativity and perseverance of the human spirit. We know the future will be as different from today as the world before smart phones and the internet is to us. Ironically, now that AI and other cognitive technologies are becoming more common – we are only now asking what it is exactly that humans do so much better, and this is the essence of Human-Centered Business design. It’s more than just Human-Centered/User Experience Design, Employee Experience, or the latest in Talent and People services (though it is partially all of these). It is a fundamental redesign of work processes, where the first design question is – “what do humans do best, and how do they like to do it?” Therefore, we see our jobs as Human-Centered Business designers, as freeing people to be the best version of themselves.


Our Vision & Beliefs

We are unapologetic believers in the untapped potential of our people. We see a world of possibility anytime we unleash people to follow their passions and be the best version of themselves. As industry convergence, business discontinuity, and economic uncertainty continue - we know the future will be filled with industries and markets that don't even exist today. Businesses must be more agile than ever before, even as many of the rules for how we work changes. 


We have been at the forefront of transformative human-centered business and talent strategy from the beginning. From human-centered/UX design practices, to organizational change management, to continuous learning cultures and learning experience design, to skills-based talent strategy, changing labor market challenges, gig economy talent pools, virtual and hybrid work teams, employee experience campaigns, career mobility and equity structures, and Future of Work human-centered work re-design.

We’ve helped some of the world’s most successful firms navigate these challenges. And we are committed to bringing the best of our Firm and the best of ourselves to our clients every day.

Guiding Principles

  • Research-grounded Innovation - We blend leading edge thinking with empirical application

  • Human-Centered/Experience Design Focused - We use Design Thinking to put people first

  • Performance/Results Driven – We deliver practical solutions providing tangible results

  • Industry Experience - It's our commitment to know our stuff cold, and your industry better

  • Entrepreneurial Spirit - We use open, iterative methods to continuously learn and adapt

  • Enduring, Strategic Solutions - We ground our solutions within our clients' capabilities and culture and employ practical Change Management techniques to make our solutions stick.

Awards & Achievements

  • Brandon Hall Excellence Awards – Silver Medal 2018, Bronze Medal 2015, Silver Medal 2013

  • Winner - International E-Learning Awards, Business Division 2013

  • Silver Medal – New Media INVISION Awards – Credit Operations & Risk Program 1994

  • Issued US Patent 6,542,880 - A System, Method and Article of Manufacture for a Goal Based System Utilizing a Table Based Architecture;

  • Issued US Patent 8,429,112 - Goal based system utilizing a table-based architecture; and

  • Issued US Patent 6,622,003 - Method for developing or providing an electronic course

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Alliances & Strategic Partnerships

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