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For 15+ years, we have helped health systems respond to Healthcare Reform and leverage the power of health information technology, electronic medical records, and evidence-based medicine. We've also partnered with health plans to advocate for consumers' medical management and pharmaceuticals to streamline drug development documentation and improve the usability of medical product design. Highlighted below are some of these experiences:

Health Providers

  • Electronic Medical Record / Clinical Information System Implementation - Change Management, Enterprise Learning Strategy & Corporate University Development 

    • Midwest Regional Health System

    • Another Midwest Regional Health System 

    • California Regional Health System

    • Large Urban California Medical Center

  • HRIS Implementation - Change Management & Learning Strategy

    • Another Midwest Regional Health System


Health Plans

  • Call Center Operations - People, Process and Technology Transformation to Consumer Advocacy Model for Medical Management programs; also New Hire Training

    • State Health Insurance Company



  • Drug Development Processes - Process and Technology design for Content Management system supporting streamlined processes.

    • Pharmaceutical Joint Venture


Medical Devices

  • Usability Analysis and Testing - for the probe control of a transesophageal imaging transducer.

    • Medical Device Manufacturer


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