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Marquette has partnered with several top professional services firms to develop cutting-edge solutions for keeping their talent at the top of their game, driving leading-edge industry offerings throughout the organization, and responding to marketplace changes. Highlighted below are some of these experiences:

  • Big 4 Global Learning Organization - Enterprise Skills-based Talent Strategy Assessment

  • Big 4 US Learning Organization - Enterprise Skills-based Talent Strategy Readiness Assessment

  • Big 4 US Learning Organization - Enterprise-wide Learning Operating Model & Organization Strategy

  • Big 4 Accounting Firm - Learning Organization Design and Quality Assurance Strategy

  • Big 4 Tax Firm - Learning Digitization/Virtualization strategy in response to COVID-19

  • Another Big 4 Tax Firm - US Talent Development strategy, US Learning Operating Model and Technology Strategy, Curriculum Strategy in response to the Tax Cuts and Job Act of 2017.

  • Big 4 Consulting Firm - Capability building for new offering in Clinical Systems Adoption in response to Healthcare Reform.

  • Top 10 Global Consulting Firm - Enterprise Learning and Corporate University Strategy

  • Top 10 Global Consulting Firm
    • eCommerce/Web-based learning technical architecture design.

    • Functional and Usability design for Business Modeling and Simulation Technology Architecture

    • Design and Delivery of Business Process Training; Relationship Sales Training - Navigating the Client's Buying Cycle; Finance Training - Shareholder Value Analysis; Business Acumen Training

  • Top Professional Services Firm - Leadership Skills Training: Managing Change, Setting Direction, Coaching for Results; Relationship Sales Training - Negotiating Win/Win Solutions

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