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We are proud to have a robust history of assisting the non-profit sector in improving the livelihood of at-risk populations, families, and communities through transformative learning experiences and pro-bono executive coaching. We've worked with State and Local governments on epidemiological and environmental studies and helped form partnerships between the private sector and universities. Highlighted below are some of these experiences:


  • Healthcare Non-Profit - Advice, guidance, and learning design for their product line and employee development for a non-profit staffing agency whose mission was to find the first IT jobs for at-risk populations in healthcare.

  • Diversity/Inclusion Non-Profit - Provided Executive Coaching and Strategic advice to the CEO on how to help the organization achieve its mission of developing confident, college-bound, and career-ready at-risk teen girls.

  • Adult Education Non-Profit - Provided advice to the Board of a Non-Profit focused on education and career change training for adults. Provided advice on the marketability of various initiatives, and insight into the design of various product lines.

State & Local Government

  • National Swimming Pool Foundation - Usability Testing and Design for safety warning sign

  • Environmental/Public Health/Water Resource Agency - Conducted an epidemiological study of the water sources in all towns and municipalities in the State. Compared Giardiasis incidence rates against 2 water treatment methods: 1) filtration and 2) chlorination.

Higher Education

  • Accredited On-Line MBA Program - Development of one of the nation's earliest entirely on-line MBA degree programs, sponsored by five of the country's top business schools.

  • Diversity and Racial Equity - Virtualization of program to operationalize racial equity for municipal state employees, sponsored by State University.







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