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Marquette offers a full suite of Human Capital services including Change Management, Talent Development, Human-Centered Design, Performance Consulting, Organization Design, Business/Process Modeling, Leadership Development, Performance Management, Workforce Transformation & High-Performing Teams design.

  • Change Management - We have extensive experience in the full spectrum of Change Management, from simple Communications and Training efforts, to complex programs involving Visioning, Branding, Culture Change, Leadership Alignment, Stakeholder Enrollment, Change Readiness Assessment, Organizational/Job Change, Talent Systems Alignment, Workforce Transformation, Technology adoption, Project team and End User Training, End-User Support and Knowledge Transfer.

  • Learning/Talent Development - From defining Enterprise Learning Strategies and establishing Corporate Learning Functions, to determining Talent Development and Curriculum Strategies, to Learning Technology benchmarking and implementation services, to detailed instructional design services - We are familiar with all aspects of Talent Development services across a broad variety of industries, functions and business challenges.

  • Human-Centered/UX Design - We employ principles of User Experience Design, Design Thinking, Usability Engineering, Human Factors and Human-Computer Interface design to design products, systems, and process around the capabilities and limitations of the end customer or business user.

  • Leadership Development - Building the next generation of leaders is more than just developing Hi-Potential Development programs, ideally, it's an extension of the leadership vision and strategy, and coordinates succession planning, workforce assessment, and a variety of education, experiences and exposures to prepare future leaders. 

  • Organization Design/Development - From Documenting Job changes to Organization Chart Rationalization studies to complex Global Organization Re-designs - our consultants have experiences designing and implementing all manner of organization change - from Greenfield startups and expansions, to shared service centers within large matrixed firms, to federated supply chains and business process reengineering, and many others.

  • Performance Management & Coaching - We've worked with many clients to align business and talent goals, analyze performance gaps, determine methods of assessment and development, and implement performance management processes at scale.

  • Process Design/Business Modeling - From ERP driven process facilitation to LEAN/Six Sigma implementation to complex computer simulation modeling of shop floors, or emerging markets, to human-centered business design - our consultants have experience defining, documenting, managing, and recommending business process design.

  • Team Leadership & High Performing Teams - We work at the team level to determine how teams are formed, staffed, skilled up, get direction, develop a mission, work together, inspire each other, and perform as a unit.

  • Workforce Transformation - Whether driven by M&A activity, Talent demographics, ERP implementations, Market changes, New product introductions, changes in business strategy, technology or organization - assessing the impacts to the workforce and determining a set of interventions to prepare it for the future is what we do.

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